Spectroscopic Ellipsometers

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer UVISEL 2

The ultimate solution to every challenge in thin-film measurement.

  • includes the widest range of integrated automated features;
  • broad spectral range – from 190 to 2100 nm;
  • the best solution for most problems of the thin films analysis.

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Spectroscopic Ellipsometer UVISEL

High precision R&D spectroscopic ellipsometer.

  • broad spectral range – from 145 to 2100 nm;
  • a modular design, enabling the best fit to your applications;
  • can be used either ex-situ or in-situ for integration with process chambers or roll-to-roll machines.

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Spectroscopic Ellipsometer Auto SE

Simple thin film measurement tool.

  • thin film analysis made easy;
  • spectral range: 440-1000 nm;
  • sample vision system.

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Spectroscopic Ellipsometer Smart SE

Powerful and cost effective spectroscopic ellipsometer.

  • fast and accurate thin film measurements;
  • spectral range: 450-1000 nm;
  • determining a thin film thickness from a few Angstroms to 20 µm.

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