Spectrofluorometer FluoroLog 3

A unique, modular system comes equipped with a wide range and limitless configuration of accessories.

  • world's most sensitive spectrofluorometer;
  • totally computer-controlled;
  • lifetime upgrades.

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Spectrofluorometer FluoroMax 4

A compact spectrofluorometer offers the ultimate sensitivity in fluorescence investigations.

  • water Raman signal-to-noise ratio: 3 000:1;
  • photon counting for ultimate sensitivity;
  • fast scanning capability - up to 80 nm/second.

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Spectrofluorometer NanoLog

Optimized for near-IR emissions of nanotubes and quantum dots.

  • rapid excitation-emission matrices in seconds;
  • water Raman signal-to-noise ratio: 10 000:1;
  • eases qualification and quantification of species and families of SWNTs.

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Spectrofluorometer AquaLog

A compact, benchtop fluorometer for CDOM

  • TE-cooled CCD fluorescence emission detector for rapid data acquisition up to 100 times faster than any other benchtop fluorometer;
  • water Raman signal-to-noise ratio: 4 000:1;
  • the only true simultaneous absorbance-fluorescence system available.

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