Spectrofluorometer FluoroLog 3

A unique, modular system comes equipped with a wide range and limitless configuration of accessories.

  • world's most sensitive spectrofluorometer;
  • totally computer-controlled;
  • lifetime upgrades.

The FluoroLog-3 is the ultimate in modular research system, designed to perform analyses over the ultraviolet and visible regions of the spectrum as well as far into the IR.

Windows based FluorEssence supplies all scanning, time-based, and accessory data-acquisition as well as complete control of all hardware.

The basic Fluorolog-3 spectrofluorometer system consists of the following components:
  • A 450 W xenon lamp and its power supply, inside a housing;
  • A single-grating excitation monochromator;
  • A T-format sample compartment with excitation reference detector;
  • A single-grating emission monochromator;
  • An emission photomultiplier tube with photon-counting detection;
  • All necessary electronics and software to attach to the serial port of your compatible PC.

Any of these components can be replaced or augmented by additional components that will alter stray-light (spectral purity) characteristics, sensitivity, wavelength-range, or any of the other parameters that dictate the success of your research.

Excitation source
450 W xenon short-arc mounted vertically in an air-cooled housing. Light collection and focusing by off-axis mirror for maximum efficiency at all wavelengths. Optional pulsed lamp for phosphorescence measurements, and spark sources and diodes for pulsed lifetime-acquisitions.

Czerny-Turner design with kinematic gratings and allreflective optics. Optional double-grating units available for highest stray-light rejection and sensitivity.

Sample compartment
T-box design to allow second emission-detection channel. Gap-bed removable for sampling-accessory replacement. Optional front-face detection.

Photodiode for excitation correction from 240–1000 nm. Standard emission detector is R928P photomultiplier tube for high sensitivity in photon-counting mode (240–850 nm). Other PMTs to 1700 nm, with thermoelectrically cooled option. Solid-state detectors for higher-wavelength emissions. CCD or diode-array multi-channel detectors for rapid emission spectra and sample spatial information.

Lifetime upgrades
MF2 (frequency-domain) has a lifetime range of 20 ps to 10 ms and frequency range of 1 kHz to 300 MHz; with 1 to 8 frequencies simultaneously (maximum 100 frequencies with sequential operation), depending on excitation source and sample. TCSPC (time-domain) has a lifetime range from 50 ps to 1 second, depending on detector source, and electronics. Consult your representative for your requirements.