We deliver technically complex devices. Therefore, all service specialists of Nytek Instruments undergo extensive training before you have the opportunity to serve you.

Education for manufacturing plants

All service professionals are trained on manufacturers of the equipment that we supply.

Help providers

We are always in touch with service providers for the departments operational advice on complex issues.

Remote control

To make aid more quickly, we use the remote control of the device via the Internet. This allows you to prepare for departure and reduce service time of diagnosis.

Learn from other users

For methodological support we use the experience of users who are already working on similar equipment and services suppliers demo labs.

Try it yourself

To be completely confident in selecting an instrument, you can conduct test measurements on it and get our guidelines.

We serve more than 200 sophisticated instruments throughout Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, and the CIS countries.

For 10 years we have been able to realize unique complexity projects:

Raman system (combined system of Raman-AFM systems with multiple lasers and detectors), fluorometer-confocal microscope, laboratories for the analysis of coatings and many others.

What does the customer service?

Certification of equipment

Preparation of technical documentation

Installation and commissioning work

Modernization of already installed equipment

Learning the basics of analysis methods used

Test measurements on devices

Verification and metrological certification

Warranty and after sales service

Supply of spare parts and materials

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