Spectrofluorometer FluoroMax 4

A compact spectrofluorometer offers the ultimate sensitivity in fluorescence investigations.

  • water Raman signal-to-noise ratio: 3 000:1;
  • photon counting for ultimate sensitivity;
  • fast scanning capability - up to 80 nm/second.

The FluoroMax-4 is a compact spectrofluorometer from HORIBA Scientific, yet it offers the ultimate sensitivity in fluorescence investigations as well as features not found in most table-top fluorescence detection systems.

The source
Starting with a xenon source that supplies prime UV performance, we mount the bulb vertically, because horizontal mounting leads to sagging, instability, and shorter arc-life. The xenon source is focused onto the entrance-slit of the excitation monochromator with an elliptical mirror. Besides ensuring efficient collection, the reflective surface keeps all wavelengths focused on the slit, unlike lenses (with chromatic aberrations that make them optimally efficient only at one wavelength).

The slits
The slits are bilateral, continuously adjustable by the software in units of bandpass (wavelength) or millimeters. This preserves maximum resolution and instant reproducibility.

The excitation monochromator
The excitation monochromator is an aspheric design which ensures that the image of the light diffracted by the grating fits through the slit. The gratings themselves are blazed and planar, avoiding the two major disadvantages of the more common concave holographic gratings: poor polarization performance and inadequate imaging during scans that throws away light. The unique wavelength-drive scans the grating at speeds as high as 80 nm/s. The grating’s grooves are blazed to provide maximum light in the UV and visible region.

The reference detector
Before the excitation light reaches the sample, a photodiode reference detector monitors the intensity as a function of time and wavelength to correct for any change in output due age or wavelength. The photodiode detector is traceable to NIST standards out to 1000 nm, and requires no maintenance.

The sample chamber
A spacious sample chamber is provided to allow the use of a wide variety of accessories for special samples, and encourage the user to experiment with many sample schemes.

The emission monochromator
All the outstanding features of the excitation monochromator are also incorporated into the emission monochromator. Gratings are blazed to provide maximum efficiency in the visible. Correction-factor files traceable to NIST lamps remove optical artifacts from the optical path through the monochromator.

The detector
Emission-detector electronics employ photon-counting for the ultimate in low-light-level detection. Photon-counting concentrates on signals that originate from fluorescence photons, ignoring the smaller pulses originating in photomultiplier-tube electronics. Lower-performance fluorometers with analog detection—in contrast—simply add noise and signal together, hiding low signals within the noise. The emissiondetector housing also contains an integral high-voltage supply which is factory-set to provide the maximum count-rate, while eliminating most of the dark noise.

The entire control of the FluoroMax-4 originates in your PC, from our most powerful software, FluorEssence. On start-up, the system automatically calibrates and presents itself for new experiments, or stored routines instantly called from memory. Professional, publicationready plots and data-analysis are based on world-renowned Origin.

A wide variety of accessories are applications-oriented and detailed in previous pages of this brochure.