Microwave Digestion System MiniWAVE

A new category of microwave digestion.

  • modular flexibility in relation to the number of samples;
  • fast digestion time and ultra quick cooling times;
  • reduction of the risk of runaway samples.

MiniWAVE microwave digestion system and controller is a top-loading, compact, microwave digestion system consisting of a touch screen controller and up to 4 digestion inter-connecting modules. Each module is able to digest up to 6 samples simultaneously. 6 IR sensors, located on the side walls, monitor each sample temperature. A single magnetron is located below the floor. With its unique design, microwave energy is evenly distributed throughout the digestion chamber to provide reproducible results sample to sample. Ideal for environmental, agricultural, petroleum, geological and biological samples.

The touch screen controller can handle up to 4 MiniWAVE digestion modules simultaneously. The system is fully functional with only one module and controller. Additional modules can be added as workload increases. Using two or more modules, run completely different sample types on each module using sample specific operating conditions.


  • Easy to load – top loading cavity;
  • Speed – meets specifications for US EPA methods 3015, 3051, 3052;
  • Fast cooling – cool samples to 70°C from 180°C in little as 3 minutes (10ml sample) using standard compressed air, cooling is 5 minutes using builtin blower;
  • Innovative – six IR sensors measure each sample temperature independently in real time. This provides immediate feed back for software control of microwave energy delivered to the stationary samples in the cavity. No moving parts. All Teflon® coated stainless steeel construction axisymmetric cavity;
  • Safety – vessel rated at 90 bar. Vent and seal safety pressure caps at 30 bar;
  • Increase throughput – connect up-to 4 MiniWAVE modules to one controller for maximum sample throughput.

MiniWAVE module:
– microwave energy
– dimensions (WхDхH)
– weight

2.45 GHz, 1000 Watts
43 х 33 х 47 cm
30 kg

Controller module:
– screen
– maximum controllable temperature
– ports / printer
– dimensions (WхDхH)
– weight

colour, touch screen
to 250°C
USB / Ethernet
30 х 26 х 23 cm
4 kg

MiniWAVE rack:
– number of autoclaves
– weight

3 kg

A growing library of MiniWAVE Application Notes is available. Each of the Notes demonstrate the ease of use and effectiveness of MiniWAVE. Recent Application Notes include:

1. The Digestion of Agricultural Leaves.
2. The Digestion of Polypropylene Plastic.
3. The Digestion of Used Oil.
4. The Digestion of Basalt Rock.
5. The Digestion of Waste Water.

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