Microwave Digestion System NovaWAVE

A new category of automated microwave digestion.

  • digestion of 12 samples simultaneously in 10 minutes or less;
  • controlling of temperature of each sample independently;
  • processing of up to twice as many samples per day compared to conventional microwave digestion systems.

NovaWAVE is a new, fully automated, sample digestion tunnel employing 12 dynamically created microwave minicavities (Patent pending) to simultaneously process 12 samples in Quartz or Teflon® vessels. NovaWAVE is available in two models:

Model SA
A Stand Alone NovaWAVE Microwave Tunnel Digestion System with all available software and operational parameters including the fl exibility of unique, individual method assignments for each sample in a 12 sample rack. For labs with limited samples, the Model SA is the instrument of choice. Speed and fl exibility are built-in with the capability of running a rack of samples with individual sample temperature programs. Simultaneously, digest water and soil samples in the same rack with an optimized digestion program employed for each sample. Model SA can be upgraded at any time to a full Model FA through the acquisition of the Transporter and additional racks, vessels and Teflon® caps.

Model FA
A Fully Automated NovaWAVE Microwave Tunnel Digestion System with all the software and operational parameters employed in the Model SA; plus the Transporter, Auto Cooling and Auto-Venting Stations to complete the automation. The Model FA provides unattended, automatic processing of up to 14 racks totalling 168 samples. Racks can be left on the Transporter after processing, as in an after-hours run, or removed immediately for sample analysis once the rack leaves the Auto-Venting Station.


  • Digest 12 samples simultaneously in 10 minutes or less;
  • Digest, cool and vent 168 samples completely automatically (for model FA) - no human intervention;
  • Control temperature of each sample independently;
  • Use a new or stored method for each sample;
  • Process up to twice as many samples per day compared to conventional microwave digestion systems;
  • Independent and unique sample digestion tunnel, auto-cooling and auto-venting stations (for model FA).
Parameters Value

Microwave module:

fully automated witn
the transporter, auto cooling
and auto-venting stations
stand alone


up to 14 racks

Microwave energy

12 x 250 Watts, 2.45 GHz

Number of samples

up to 168 up to 24

Ports / Printer

USB / Ethernet

Dimensions (DхWхH)

164 х 75 х 79 cm 145 х 75 х 62 cm


115 kg 67 kg

Controller module:



colour, touch screen

Maximum controllable temperature

to 250°C

NovaWAVE rack:

Number of autoclaves



5 kg

A growing library of NovaWAVE Application Notes is available. Each of the Notes demonstrate the ease of use and effectiveness of NovaWAVE. Recent Application Notes include:

1. The Digestion of Bovine Liver.
2. The Digestion of Polypropylene Plastic.
3. The Digestion of Lead in Paint.
4. The Digestion of Peach Leaves.

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