Sample Handler EasyPREP

Lab automation saves time - improves precision

  • robotic liquid handling;
  • increases laboratory productivity;
  • lowers the risk of human errors.

EasyPREP – automatic sample preparation for ICP & AA Analysis. Designed for operations in labs where the presence of acid vapors may exist. Handles volumes from μL to liters. It can be used in conjunction with racks and tubes from a variety of instruments. User-friendly software makes lab implementation quick and simple.

Applications for the EasyPREP include reagent additions – up to 7 reagents, sample dilutions, sample aliquoting, sample transfers, AccuNORM normalization (optional), stirring (optional).


  • Improve precision of liquid sample handling;
  • Increase productivity by performing off-hours operations automatically;
  • Eliminate mistakes through technician fatigue and inattention;
  • Reduce labor costs;
  • Flexible lab solutions for multiple applications;
  • Improve traceability by keeping records of sample ID, sample process, date and time.
Parameters Value

Minimum dispensing volume

20 µL with 1 ml syringe
50 µL with 5 ml and 10 ml syringe
100 µL with 25 ml syringe


RSD<1% for volumes >1 ml
RSD<3% for volumes <1 ml


95~260 V; 50~60 Hz; 0,8A/0,4A 96 W


70 х 65 х 62 cm


34 kg