Digestion System DigiPREP

Sample preparation made easy

  • temperature control;
  • teflon coat for resistance to aggressive corrovise attack;
  • a wide choice of additional accessories.

The DigiPREP series of block digestion systems offers the latest in graphite block technology in many different packages. Graphite blocks are PFA / FEP - coated to resist aggressive, corrosive attack for guaranteed long life in harsh laboratory environments. Their non-metallic construction ensures no corrosion or sample contamination from the instrument.

The temperature sensor DigiPROBE provides direct control and monitoring of actual sample temperature via a corrosion-resistant, PFA-coated temperature probe.

DigiTUBEs – the cleanest digestion tubes on the market. Single-use, all-in-one vessels eliminate the need for five separate vessels: Digestion beakers, volumetric flasks, graduated cylinders, autosampler tubes and storage containers. 15 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml DigiTUBEs for sample digestion and standard auto samplers. DigiTUBEs are ideal for sample evaporation.

A family of DigiPREP application notes covering a wide range of categories (environmental, food, mining, petroleum etc) is available. They describe acid digestion of samples in an open vessel environment for metals analysis by AA, GFAA, ICP and ICP-MS. These application notes are used as a first step to create your personal sample digestion methods.

Parameters Model / Value
010-505-205 010-500-205 010-501-210 010-501-230 010-501-250 010-515-205 010-515-210

Quantity of tubes, pcs.

24 48 12 30 42 40 108

Tube capacity, ml

50 50 100 100 100 15 15

Heating time up to 90ºC, min

25 35 25 35 35 35

Power, KW

0,725 0,925 0,725 0,925

Dimensions, cm

33х24х12 46х36х12 33х24,1х12,1 46х36х12 48х53х15 20х20х22 46х36х12

Weight, kg

8,39 24 8,39 24 34 5,44 24