Raman Spectrometer XploRA ONE

Simplicity, sensitivity, reliability!

  • single "one-shot" data acquisition for the full Raman range;
  • spectral databases for simple interpretation of results;
  • auto-calibration and validation software.

The XploRA ONE is the highly versatile, yet easy to use, Raman microscope targeted at the industrial and routine analytical sector. It combines optical microscopy, with sensitive Raman analysis in a "ONE shot" analysis concept. Raman has never been so easy and yet so powerful in the Analytical Lab.

The XploRA ONE offers simplicity in design and operation so that the analyst can focus on the sample measurements and routine analysis that is important, obtaining results not just spectra. It provides class leading sensitivity and confocal detail, full optical microscopy and even has options for HORIBA’s innovative SWIFT™ Raman chemical imaging, yet requires minimal operator training and maintenance. The XploRA ONE philosophy ensures that Raman has become an even more accessible analytical technique.

Ideal tool for applications driven measurements:

  • QA/QC analysis;
  • Raw material validation;
  • Forensic routine analysis;
  • Pharmaceutical testing;
  • Routine inspection.
Parameters Values

Laser options

Integrated internally - 532 nm or 785 nm CLS high brightness lasers optimized for micron resolved measurements

Spectral range

100 cm-1 to 3500 cm-1 minimum rnage in "ONE-shot" operation (depending upon laser)


Imaging flat field spectrometer for use with large area CCD detector. High throughput/sensitivity

Laser power control

6 position ND filter module - PC controlled


1024x256 TE air-cooled scientific CCD, USB control, no maintenance vacuum, 16 bit and up to 1,48 MHz readout speed. Offering improved sensitivity and fast Raman acquisition.


Materials/clinical light microscope. Optimised for stability with high quality optics and ergonomic design. Includes Kohler illumination for transmission and reflection illumination, abbe condenser, 10x and 50x objectives (100x objective optional)

Confocal sampling

Rugged confocal spatial filtering, offering maximum 1x1 µm lateral resolution for micron scale Raman analysis and imaging (where 100x objective used).


Desktop PC with monitor, keyboard and mouse, pre-loaded with Windows 7TM 32-bit and LabSpec 6 spectral software suite.