Raman Spectrometer LabRAM HR Evolution

The most popular Raman spectrometer all over the world.

  • high spatial and spectral resolutions;
  • ultra-low frequency option;
  • Raman-AFM and TERS compatible.

The LabRAM HR Evolution systems are ideally suited to both micro and macro measurements, and offer advanced confocal imaging capabilities in 2D and 3D. The true confocal microscope enables the most detailed images and analyses to be obtained with speed and confidence. With guaranteed high performance and intuitive simplicity, the LabRAM HR Evolution is the ultimate instrument for Raman spectroscopy. They are widely used for standard Raman analysis, photoluminescence (PL), tip enhanced Raman scattering (TERS) and other hybrid methods.

High spatial and spectral resolutions
HORIBA Scientific’s optimized design results in the most sensitive instruments on the market, with high throughput diffraction limited spatial resolution. Spectrally, the high resolution spectrometer allows subtle sample information such as crystallinity, polymorphism, strain and other band analysis to be characterized with ease.

Cover your sample from UV to NIR
Compatibility with a wide range of laser wavelengths and the possibility of mounting up to three detectors enables the measurement wavelength range to be extended from 200nm to 2100nm. Such performance opens up other spectroscopic techniques such as photoluminescence, allowing detailed sample characterization from many varied materials.

Ease of use and ergonomy
The fully automated intelligent design of the LabRAM HR Evolution ensures ultimate performance coupled with ease of use; and the LabSpec 6 software allows full benefit from the unrivalled performances of the LabRAM HR Evolution at the touch of a button.

Ultra-fast confocal imaging
The LabRAM HR Evolution includes the unique SWIFT™ and DuoScan™ fast Raman imaging technologies. DuoScan™ is a confocal imaging mode, with high precision, ultra-fast rastering mirrors creating variable sized laser macro-spots, and also allowing nano-step mapping from deep UV to NIR. SWIFT™ offers confocal Raman mapping with CCD integration times down to 1 ms per point and below. The unique combination of innovative optics, detectors and software combine to provide true confocal Raman imaging with an unmatched speed of data acquisition.

Raman-AFM and TERS compatible
The integral flexibility of the LabRAM HR Evolution means that it is the ideal platform for combined Raman-AFM analysis, and research to TERS (tip enhanced Raman scattering) nano-Raman.

Ultra-Low Frequency Module
The LabRAM HR Evolution combines simple access to very low frequencies down to 5cm-1 with a high throughput single stage spectrometer, using the ULF Module. The new generation of notch and bandpass filters allows additional sample characterization to be made in a spectral region rarely available with other basic spectrometers.

Automated particle location and chemical ID
ParticleFinder offers a user friendly tool for automated location, characterization and Raman analysis of particles. Hundreds or thousands of particles can be quickly located and characterized using the LabRAM HR Evolution’s advanced Raman capabilities.

Find the best conditions for the analysis of your sample
The sampling flexibility of the LabRAM HR Evolution ensures that your research can be fully optimized. Standardly equipped with the upright microscope, an open-space microscope can be installed giving you free space under the objective to adapt numerous accessories like large cryostats, broad travel range stages. For life science research, the inverted microscope offers ideal sampling for cells and tissues.

Furthermore, the Transmission Raman accessory can be easily installed on the LabRAM HR Evolution for bulk analysis of opaque/turbid materials; and the SuperHead probes enable in-situ monitoring of reactions or remote analysis.

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