Laser Particle Size Analyzer LA-960

High performance laser diffraction analyzer.

  • the circulation system quickly processes any sample;
  • the dynamic wide measurement range;
  • unique strength for various applications.

The most high-end class accurate and reliable laser diffraction particle sizing instrument HORIBA Partica LA-950V2 has been upgraded to the LA-960. HORIBA particle sizing instrument recognized as its strong point of submicron range measurement capability and the new model includes these advantages with some new features. HORIBA’s experience in the use of data algorithms has evolved to meet the expectations of the customer demanding the highest accuracy and resolution.

Latest Technology and Highest Performance
The dynamic wide measurement range; 0.01- 5000 microns (up to 3000 microns for wet method). The LA-960 incorporates the previous strengths over a broader range of sizes. 3 dimensional data simulation which generates scattered light patterns for HORIBA original optical layout are used for the calculation. The results can be compared with the theoretical results including all the optical component parameter effects. The comparison allows for the selection of the best approach of the size and distributions. Certified samples as small as 20 nm can be handled by the new algorithms.

Performance Guaranty
Guaranteed high data accuracy of ±0.6%; ISO13320 compliance; traceability support.
As well as the data accuracy and reproducibility assurances, the instrument-to-instrument are confirmed with standards for each analyzer. The testing material is poly-dispersed standard of glass beads with over one decade of distribution.

World wide user accepted quality
HORIBA has focused on the product quality of the most essential key part of the instrument; the light source and detector alignment. The circulation system efficiency, speedy operation and easy maintenance are based on the requirements from the various users of high-tech research laboratories and quality controlling managements. We also offer some different maintenance support programs after the sale depending on the user’s intended use, analysis circumstance and operational frequency.

Optical Component & Sample Preparationn System
The optical component and sample preparation system (Circulation system) unified model that enables smooth and productive analysis operations.

Evolutionary Advance of the LA Series Software
All at a glance GUI design! Easy and functional screen layout Method expert function generates appropriate measurement conditions and reviews each analysis. Flexible automatic measurement design and settings enable user friendly operations. Data correlation software available; LA-920, LA-950 and LA-950V2.

Parameters Value

Measurement Method

Mie Scattering Theory

Measurement Range

0.01 μm to 5000 μm

Measurement Time

1 minute from dispersion liquid filling to measurement and rinse

Sampling System

Required Sample Amount: Sample 10 mg to 5 g (Depends on sample material)
Dispersion Medium: Approx. 180 mL to 250 mL (Using Flow Cell)
Viscosity: Less than 10 mPa・s

Optical System

Light Source: 650 nm Laser Diode approx. 5.0 mW
405 nm Light Emitting Diode (LED) approx. 3.0 mW
Detectors: Silicon Photo Diode

Circulation System

Ultrasonic Probe: Frequency 20 kHz 7-Level selections
Circulation Pump: 15-Level selections
Agitator: 15-Level selections
Flow/Fraction Cell: Tempax Glass

Power Supply

120 V AC ±10% or 230 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz ±1%

Power Consumption

300 VA

External Dimensions

705 x 565 x 500 mm (28 x 23 x 20 in)
(W x D x H: not including dimensions of projections)

Mass Approx

56 kg (123 lb)