Elemental Analysis

Glow Discharge Spectrometer Profiler 2

Discover a Whole New World of Information.

  • Analysis of conductive and non-conductive samples;
  • Rapid determination of the chemical composition to a depth of 150-200 µm;
  • Sensitivity for most elements - from 1-10 ppm.

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ICP-OES Spectrometer Ultima Expert

High resolution, high sensitivity and high stability.

  • unmatched spectral resolution minimizing interferences with <5 pm for wavelengths in the range 120-450 nm;
  • radial viewing and Total Plasma View providing lowest detection limits in ICP-OES spectrometry;
  • the only ICP-OES spectrometer on the market to provide ultimate accuracy for major precious metals analysis.

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Digestion System DigiPREP

Sample preparation made easy

  • temperature control;
  • teflon coat for resistance to aggressive corrovise attack;
  • a wide choice of additional accessories.

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X-ray Analytical Microscope XGT-7200

New generation of X-ray Analytical Microscopes.

  • single point analysis and automated hyperspectral imaging;
  • dual vacuum modes;
  • spot sizes from 1,2 mm to 10 µm.

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Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzer SLFA-60

The new standard of transportable sulfur-in-oil analyzers.

  • repeatability - 15 ppm and less;
  • lower detection limit - 20 ppm and less;
  • lightness, compactness and robust construction.

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Sample Handler EasyPREP

Lab automation saves time - improves precision

  • robotic liquid handling;
  • increases laboratory productivity;
  • lowers the risk of human errors.

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Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzer SLFA-2100/2800

For measuring the new low sulfur fuels, diesel and RFG.

  • repeatability - 1,6 ppm;
  • lower detection limit - 5 ppm;
  • operation using the built-in controller.

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Microwave Digestion System MiniWAVE

A new category of microwave digestion.

  • modular flexibility in relation to the number of samples;
  • fast digestion time and ultra quick cooling times;
  • reduction of the risk of runaway samples.

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Microwave Digestion System NovaWAVE

A new category of automated microwave digestion.

  • digestion of 12 samples simultaneously in 10 minutes or less;
  • controlling of temperature of each sample independently;
  • processing of up to twice as many samples per day compared to conventional microwave digestion systems.

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