Cathodoluminescence System Flex-CLUE

The ideal flexible package to handle highperformance CL analysis.

  • maintains original SEM functionality;
  • high-efficiency CL signal-collection;
  • flexible spectral CL analysis.

Flex-CLUE is the ideal flexible package to handle highperformance CL analysis, for a wide range of applications, within an affordable budget. Based on a dedicated fiber-optic interface, Flex- CLUE offers a compact and remote CL solution perfectly adapted to an SEM environment where space or access is limited.

Flex-CLUE system provides high resolution spectral information with the spatial resolution of an electron probe. We feature the widest spectral range available (UV-VIS to IR), fast CL imaging, CL spectroscopy for detecting trace elements in natural and synthetic minerals, and hyperspectral mapping.

Flex-CLUE system can integrate HORIBA's MicroHR and iHR spectrometers, Synapse CCDs, and photomultiplier tube detectors to create a range of CL solutions. Flex-CLUE is also fully automated, controlled by our LabSpec software for setting of hardware experimental parameters, data-fitting, display and export. It is easy to use and offers comprehensive system control, and advanced data acquisition routines.

Parameters Value


high efficiency optics designed to match fiber with spectrometer aperture

Collection interface

200 mm retraction mechanism, manual version
fine adjustment under vacuum, diamond–turned mirror
short working-distance mirror in option


focal length from 140 to 320 mm
large choice of diffraction gratings
single or dual-port


panchromatic imaging, monochromatic imaging
spectral analysis, hyperspectral spectroscopy analysis
multiple detection options (up to 2)
large choice of detectors (single or multi-channel, thermoelectric or cryogenic cooling, UV, visible or near-IR)

Spectral coverage

UV-Visible optical fiber 200-1000 nm
visible-near-IR optical fiber 400-1700 nm

CL ouputs


Electron beam control

CLLINK Controller:
multiple acquisition processing (analog, pulse mode, SE)
mapping, line scan, point measurement
complete synchronization with detection
control by external scan input on SEM


LabSpec Spectroscopy and Imaging suite